Spider Aerial Worker Introduction and Application
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Spider Aerial Worker Introduction and Application

Date: 2023-12-14

Spider aerial work truck is an omnipotent equipment. Since its inception, it has not only solved the problem of harsh outdoor working environment, but also taken into account the indoor environmental protection, protection of the indoor ground and other previously insurmountable problems, as well as small “body” but taking into account the advantages of the straight arm flexing arm, battery, engine, alternating current, three kinds of power in one of the power supply, in the field of aerial work platforms to establish an unshakeable position in the field. It has established an unshakeable position in the field of aerial working platform.

1. Working form: Spider aerial work trucks mainly have two kinds of working methods: bent arm and straight arm. To a certain extent, the spider type lift truck to solve the traditional curved arm, straight arm aerial working platform bulky and wide shortcomings, the traditional curved arm lift truck more than 15 meters will be bulky, and the size of the shopping malls, the door, the floor has been gradually unable to withstand. And swllift even 33 meters of straight arm curved arm type spider car. Weight is not more than 5 tons, and the outrigger force area, protect the ground, in the outdoor more obvious advantages, harsh ground conditions, grass, sand, steps, slopes can easily cope with.


2. Walking mode: Spider aerial working platform is mainly non-marking wheeled, non-marking rubber crawler walking mode. Both types of walking are suitable for indoor and outdoor, and the tracked type is more adaptable. Indoors: because of the non-marking rubber tracks, the force area is larger, and the ground is fully protected. Outdoor: it is easy to walk on grass and bad ground.


3. Power source: battery, AC power and engine can be selected one, two or three power at the same time. In different working environments using different power mode, in the growing importance of environmental protection in China, more to meet the needs of customers and environmental requirements.


4. Security: Spider aerial work trucks relative to self-propelled aerial work platforms, limit switches are much more, equipped with an overload alarm system, tilt alarm system, two sets of manual lowering system and manual walking system. The operator’s safety protection measures are more detailed at the same time, but also to ensure that the equipment failure can be put on the ground in a timely manner, as well as manually move the equipment to a safe location.


5. Application areas: Spider aerial work trucks are mainly used in the Chinese market in the following areas: community, high-speed rail construction, rail transit construction, plant construction, urban complexes, venues, shopping centers, hotels, electric power, aerospace, municipal sanitation and so on.

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