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service policy
service principle
Safety is our top priority and we are committed to ensuring the safety of every employee, including client employees and members of the SWLLIFT team. We strive to create a safe work environment where everyone can come to work happy and come home safe and sound.
Production efficiency
Our services are designed to help customers improve production efficiency and increase economic benefits. We are committed to ensuring that you can use our equipment efficiently to maximize your productivity, while ensuring safety.
Efficient and professional
We have experienced technical engineers and professional supply chain and logistics partners. Our team is composed of excellent talents and stable and reliable partners to provide you with efficient and professional services. We understand the requirements and challenges of the industry and are therefore able to meet your needs with professionalism and solutions.
service policy
industry experience
SWLLIFT provides training on maintenance, safety and spare parts so your team is ready and able to confidently deliver training to your employees. We are committed to providing your aerial work platform with the proper operating and maintenance knowledge to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.
Technical support
SWLLIFT provides fast and efficient technical consulting services and helps customers achieve the best use of equipment through online support. Our team of technical consultants have the experience and expertise to answer your technical questions and provide solutions to ensure you are utilizing your equipment to its full potential. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive technical support so you can run your equipment efficiently and smoothly.
We provide you with a convenient ordering service for SWLLIFT original accessories and offer exclusive promotional prices. You can easily order the accessories you need to keep your equipment running efficiently. We are committed to providing our customers with the best buying experience and providing you with great prices and exclusive promotions. No matter what accessories you need, we're here to help make sure your equipment keeps running and provides you with great performance and value.
Supply chain control
Raw materials and components with stable and reliable quality are the prerequisite for SWLLIFT to produce high-quality products. Our supply chain management system selects high-quality partners and strictly inspects various components provided.
Production inspection control
In the production process, there are more than 100 main control nodes, and the quality management system is used to inspect and verify each node to ensure that SWLLIFT equipment leaves the factory perfectly.
Quality assurance
Usually the warranty time of the whole machine is 12 months, but the quality of SWLLIFT brand is more reliable. We are also very confident in our products, so we can provide 18-24 months quality assurance for some products and components.
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