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Boom Lift

SWLLIFT boom lifts are designed to increase work efficiency and provide greater horizontal reach than other types of aerial work platforms. They are suitable for working in areas where space is limited and offer industry-leading reach and carrying capacity throughout the working envelope for superior operational accessibility. SWLLIFT boom lifts include the following types: telescopic boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, towable boom lift, bucket trucks. The SWLLIFT boom lifts range offers a wide variety of options to meet different job requirements and environmental constraints. With advanced design and features, they are able to provide efficient, safe and convenient solutions for working at height.

Telescopic Boom Lift

SWLLIFT telescopic boom lift is a superior vertical entry solution. This versatile piece of equipment provides an elevated platform via an extension arm, ensuring efficient and safe operation during construction, maintenance and other tasks. Maximize productivity and conquer heights with ease. SWLLIFT telescopic boom liftt will bring you superior performance and reliability.
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Articulated Boom Lifts

SWLLIFT articulated boom lifts have a full range of positioning capabilities, enabling precise positioning upwards, downwards and across. Its positioning accuracy is high and it is widely used in those hard-to-reach work areas. Articulated boom lifts can not only carry out construction close to buildings, but also bypass high-altitude obstacles, demonstrating powerful functionality.
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Towable Boom Lifts

SWLLIFT towable boom lifts are aerial lifts designed to lift workers on construction sites, farms or other indoor and outdoor locations. Towable boom lifts offer horizontal and vertical reach and mobility, combining the flexibility of a small utility vehicle with the versatility of a self-propelled lift and platform. In addition, SWLLIFT can also be customized with special configurations according to customer requirements to meet specific needs.
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Bucket Trucks

SWLLIFT bucket trucks are special cargo vehicles equipped with a large cloak at the rear of the body. This unique design allows bucket trucks to efficiently transport and unload a variety of materials and cargo, such as soil, sand, coal, and construction materials. Bucket trucks are widely used in construction sites, mines, ports and other places where large amounts of materials are transported. It has excellent carrying capacity and fast and efficient unloading speed, making it an indispensable tool in the industrial and construction fields. With bucket trucks, the transportation of large quantities of materials becomes more efficient, faster and more cost-effective.
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