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HENAN SWLLIFT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a leader in the field of lifting equipment in China. Our company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling various high-altitude work equipment, material lifting equipment, and material handling equipment.


We offer a diverse range of products, including seven major series of high-altitude work platforms: straight-arm, articulated, scissor, spider, telescopic, mast, and vehicle-mounted platforms. In addition, we provide material lifting equipment such as spider cranes, mini crawler cranes, and mobile cranes, as well as material handling equipment including forklifts, stackers, and order pickers.

Global Market
HENAN SWLLIFT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD as a leading manufacturer in China, our products have been exported to the world and have won wide market recognition. We provide our customers with powerful and versatile equipment that comes with exceptional service. We are not only a supplier to our customers, but also an excellent partner on their development journey. We are committed to productivity, efficiency and continuous improvement.
We are proud that the brand of SWLLIFT has become the first choice of many customers at home and abroad.
Our philosophy, High quality & reasonable management
High-quality product quality requires technological research and development efforts, as well as reasonable management participation. In line with this concept, SWLLIFT adheres to the quality management system and follows ethical standards in all aspects of R&D, production, marketing, sales, and after-sales. With the active participation of all employees, we continuously improve and develop our systems and strive to provide products of outstanding quality. We are proud to announce that we have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.
Respecting life and protecting the environment is one of SWLLIFT's core values.
We are committed to reducing waste and emissions, minimizing adverse impacts on the environment, promoting the frugal use of resources and improving energy efficiency across the company. In SWLLIFT's team, every member shares the responsibility for energy conservation, sustainable development and environmental performance. SWLLIFT has successfully passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification, which further proves our commitment to environmental protection.
Safety is the first principle
The establishment and development of SWLLIFT always puts the safety of employees first. We adhere to the value of "safety first" and pursue excellence. We have established a progressive safety management system through continuous improvement and increased engagement of team members across various workplaces. In order to further ensure the health and safety of our employees, we have successfully obtained the ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. This demonstrates our commitment to employee safety and our pursuit of excellence in safety standards.
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